Hybrid - style locomotive

At a whopping excess of 370 grams, this tiny locomotive can pull more than most.  Mixing steel, plastic and brass we have managed to give this locomotive weight where it needs it.


Inspect & Correct

During assembly, each piece is checked for glue bits and finger prints.    Ensuring that you have a spectacular piece operational equipment that not only works, but looks the part.


It is all in the details

As modellers, we all love those little rivets so we can see the detail.  But it is the little things that make the difference.  Rivets on the inside of the cab, you'll likely have a hard time seeing them, but rest assured, they are there.

  1. DC & DCC FRIENDLY - No special parts required.  All our locomotives come with a dual mode decoder chip with sound.  Able to be used on any DC or DCC layout.  Sounds are pre-loaded and ready to play.
  2. EASY AND SIMPLE - Our locomotives come attached to the tender, less hassle trying to attach and plug in.  Simply place it on your track and go!
  3. UNIQUE STYLES - Each of our models features unique parts for that particular road number.

Universal Outfit

Our D-10 model comes equipped with a DUAL-MODE DC/DCC decoder.  Making this a welcome addition no matter how you power your layout.


Easy Access Electronics

All electronic circuits and speaker are located in the tender making decoder swapping or servicing your locomotive a breeze.


Independantly controlled number board and head light*

Our D-10 models feature a separate control for number boards and head lights
*DCC mode only*


Custom Electornics

Custom electronic controller and sound chip allow for highly customized features, and engine specific design.


Simplicity makes servicing a breeze! 

Simplicity in design allows for easy access to the guts (and we suggest you ONLY DO THIS IS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING).  Servicing on a Steam Locomotive made simple?  What will they think of next?

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